Dry Tortugas Seaplane Excursion

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  • All cancellations will result in a $50 cancellation fee per passenger. Rescheduling a confirmed date will result in a $50 fee per reservation.
  • If you're looking for dates around Xmas or New Years, or any time in between, please call to check on available spaces before placing your online reservations as most of these times are completely full.
  • Spaces are extremely limited during this season, please book well in advance and/or call for the latest availability, especially if you're looking for a date within 7 days.
  • Select 2 departure times and we will confirm you for the first choice, or the 2nd choice if the 1st is not available.
  • Online bookings are ONLY for the Half Day Excursion.  Call our office for Full Day Excursions please.
  • 10 Passenger Maximum, Passenger's Legal Name and Weight are required for any reservation (FAA Requirement)
  • Prices do not include the $15 National Park Entrance Fee (for all visitors age 17 and up)

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