Buccaneers Night Dinner Cruise

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Tour Restrictions

  • Tour is NOT available on Sundays
  • This tour is recommended for just adults, however children are welcome too.
  • All persons 9 years and older must pay a port fee before check-in. This is 28 pesos per person.
  • During the winter months, we recommend you bring a light sweater
  • Check in time is 45 minutes prior.
  • PROMOTION (not available during holiday periods) For every 2 paid adult tickets 1 child 3-11 gets a free ticket.

  • Lobster Tail & Filet Mignon (Delicious Lobster tail & filet mignon covered with gravy sauce and served with
    green salad, steamed vegetables and rice)
  • Surf & Turf (Beef Medallion & shrimp, with cherry sauce, served with green salad, spaghetti
    & vegetables)
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu (Chicken wrapped a slice of ham and slice of cheese, breaded, served with green
    salad, rice and spaghetti)
  • Salmon Dish (Seared salmon with green salad, rice, pesto, arugula & parsley)
  • Tuna Dish (Seared tuna served with mixed vegetables, rice, arugula and pesto)
  • Vegetarian Option (Ravioli or Lasagna served with green salad and vegetables)
  • Gluten Free Options
    a) Grilled fish filled served with steamed vegetables and salad.
    b) Beef steak served with steamed vegetables and beans.
    c) Grilled Chicken served with steamed vegetables and salad.
  • Children's Menu (Beef Hamburguer or chicken nuggets with french fries)

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